Thanks for choosing the FRA app as your fire risk assessment tool. The App is currently being used by more than 2000 fire risk assessors in the UK.

Many fire risk assessors are starting their FRA service for the first time. We received feedback from FRA that they would like to build their website.When you are just setting up your business, it makes sense to spend less on your non-core activities, ensuring the quality remains good.

Being an IT service provider company for the fire risk assessors, we help fire risk assessors to set up their website.

In the digital era if you do not have a website you are missing your customers. Every movement people are searching on the internet for product and services. If you are an assessor and do not have a web presence you are losing a large chunk of your customer.

More than 75 % of internet traffic is coming from mobile devices. Your website should be mobile-friendly with a call to action like the call now button should be visible on the top. 

What is included in our website package?

  • Local Business registration
  • Free website hosting
  • Social media page.
  • Select a template suitable for you from a list of template
  • About us, Our services, Team, Contact Us pages.

The Assessor has to buy only a domain name rest all would be taken care of by us.

All-inclusive £ 300.

Are you looking for some one to  build Website for you ?

Please give us your details, we will respond in 12 hours in business working days monday to friday.