Frequently Asked Questions

All the questions related to Fire Risk Assessment is answered here for better understanding.

How to sign up for FRA?

  1. Open the app, then click on START FREE TRIAL.
  2. Fill in your details such as name, email, country, phone number & password. Make sure you choose a strong password.
  3. If you were referred by someone else then enter his or her code to get an extra free bonus.
  4. Once everything has been completed, click on START FREE TRIAL.

How to upload photos in the app

  1. In the Assessment page, click on Add Photograph and then click on the  Select Image button.
  2. You will get two options: Select Load from Library if you already have the pictures or select Use Camera which will open the camera app to capture the photograph.
  3. Once the image is selected, click on the Upload button to upload the image.

How to reset a Password

  1. Open the side menu by clicking on the three lines icon at the top-right side. Then go to Settings
  2. In the Setting section, Input your current password along with your new password. Then confirm your new password.

What is a partial report

  1. We have provided a  generating partial report feature so that you can review your report and make any required changes in the final report.
  2. The partial report is same as a complete report but with watermarks.
  3. A partial report cannot be used commercially.
  4. Your report credits are not used while generating a partial report.
  5. You have the flexibility to edit the existing completed assessment until you decide to generate a partial report.

How to carry out a First Fire Risk Assessment from the app

  1. Login with your email & password and you’ll arrive on the Dashboard.
  2. Click on either the START YOUR FIRST ASSESSMENT button or click on the Plus sign on the bottom to start the first assessment.
  3. Enter the Assessment Name and select the appropriate category from the dropdown menu, then click on the START YOUR ASSESSMENT button.

How to upload your logo in the app

  1. Open the side menu by clicking on the three lines icon at the top-right side. Then go to Settings
  2. In the Settings section, upload the logo that you wish to be visible on the report.

How to purchase a FRA plan

  1. Open the side menu by tapping on the three lines icon at the top-right side. Then go to Subscriptions
  2. Select the plan which is best suited for you and then click on the Buy Now button.

How to generate a Partial Report

  1. When you have completed the assessment, you would find the report option in the app. Please click on the report button.
  2. Please click the Generate Report button.
  3. You will see a warning message.
  4. Please click on Generate Partial Report.
  5. Review the report and check all the data. If you feel the data needs to be changed, go back to Assessment in the app and edit the general details, premise details, and other details.

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